Abandonment is Part of Being Human

Years ago, I was visiting someone in California and felt the need for a healer. So my friend recommended someone nearby.

This woman used vibrational essences when working with people. Not the flower essences, like the Bach Flower Remedies. Vibrational essences, which she considered much more powerful.

Well, she muscle-tested me and said I was ready for a really powerful one, something that all humans have as a basic issue just by being human: abandonment.

So I took the drops and calmly got on the plane back to Chicago.

I expected all hell to break loose, all sorts of issues coming up with me on the plane. But…..nothing.

I got back home and was preparing to drive up to Wisconsin when the essence finally hit.

OMG! I felt like Ray Milland in The Lost Weekend.

Abandoned Big Time

I spent that entire weekend practically in a fetal position, feeling I was the worst being that ever lived, totally unloved (though my brain told me otherwise), not worthy of living. Grieving, angry, bereft.

That was some powerful essence.

Well, recently, I listened to Saint Germain talking about abandonment.

“At a very early age, all human beings feel abandoned. And that abandonment is what you struggle with for your whole 3rd dimensional existence. All of you. You’re a part of the Oneness, then from the day you’re conceived, you go into separateness. That’s what you’re supposed to do. It’s how it’s designed.

But you don’t understand as a young being why you got abandoned. What did I do wrong? What did I say wrong? Did my hair come out blond when it should have been black? What was it that caused this horrible sense of separation and continues to?

But this is 3rd dimensional representation of human consciousness, not multi-dimensional. It’s the path, it’s how it’s designed to be. You’re not doing it wrong. It’s just what is.

What religion says is, you were born in original sin. The minute you were born, you were born in sin because there’s been an abandonment. The Oneness has stepped away, the individual starts to be expressed and the ego begins to take over. It’s supposed to.

Religion tries again and again to get you back to your Oneness and Wholeness but it doesn’t do it very well. If you do good deeds, then you get to go back to God. But it doesn’t work that way. We say, why do bad things happen to good people, when maybe what we need to realize is that the fundamental philosophy is off.

Every place a human looks is: there’s something wrong with me. All of life is based on what’s wrong with me, I was abandoned, I have been separated from the truth, from God.

For human beings in 3rd dimension, God is the personification of the soul. In 4th dimension, there is no God outside, there is only the God inside. And the God within is the soul.

Within the next 50-100 years, human consciousness will not be in 3rd dimension. It won’t be split in the 2s, the polarity and duality. People will be born and there’ll be no separation into the abandonment of Oneness and Wholeness. So therefore, no need for the ego. No need for separation, for defending or figuring out what’s right or wrong with me so I can be good and accepted and come back into the whole.

Inside Out

We’re turning you inside out. You have to at one point acknowledge the completion of one piece of your expression and then allow a new one to awaken. Ok, Ok, I did it all, I’ve got it. I’ve learned lesson after lesson about my 3rd dimensional human consciousness, I’ve done this a million times. That’s what lifetimes are about. I’m done with those lessons, so let’s put a stop to it. Otherwise, I’ll be doing it for another million incarnations.

Until you can consciously say, “OK, got it. What’s next?”, you stay within that education system.

OK, if I need that, I can always jump back in. but I’ll never be at risk because I’m eternal. My eternity protects my existence. My soul mends my abandonment. Therefore, I am not abandoned, I am not alone, I am not separate, I didn’t do anything wrong. I am eternal, so now what’s next?

How do you express the Wholeness, the Oneness if you’re not abandoned? If you are in fact eternal? Well, that’s a whole other journey. It’s the next exploration. We’re going to turn the inside out and bring all this brokenness from the outside in, because you know inside it can be mended. In Eternity, in Wholeness and Oneness. It mends all that splitness of 3rd dimensional human consciousness that you had to incarnate into.”

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