Agreements We Make

I am editing a book for Maxine Jones – – on agreements and it is fascinating. Before we even come to earth, we have karmic agreements. We get here and need to learn human agreements, family agreements and we also create personal and individual agreements. Did you know that eating food to stay alive is a human agreement that grew up over the centuries but that the human body was never designed to need food to survive?

Some years ago a woman was in Chicago and taught a bunch of us a breath to do every day so we wouldn’t need to eat. Now, I love food, so I was pretty uncertain about doing this. But it worked.  She had learned this technique (which I have since forgotten) from her teacher in India and she actually went 6 months without food and just drank liquids. She lost the 30 pounds she had wanted to within a month or so and then just stayed at that weight.

Then her teacher came to her and said she needed to start eating again because she had become too attached to not eating! Attachment is attachment, after all.

Maxine’s book should be available sometime later this year. I shall be talking a lot about it once it’s out there, as it’s information we can all work with to be healthier and more empowered. Stay tuned.

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