Anyone For Chocolate?

I took a great class from Pat O’Bryan last March called UnseminarElite. He was showing us all sorts of ways to market online and one of them was finding products that were in the public domain. If the copyright on an item has passed, we can use it, update it and put it out there.  Obviously, I couldn’t put out The Great Gatsby and say it was mine. But there are many, many stories, books, and other creations that have fallen into oblivion and could use some reviving.

I found a simply great recipe book for chocolate desserts.  It was put out by the Walter Baker Chocolate Company in the early 1900’s as a promotional piece.  There are dessert recipes for just about everything chocolate-related, from eclairs and fudge to cakes, pies, ice cream and chocolate popcorn. I updated it so the language makes sense to modern ears, looked up some of the bizarre terms (did you know that a gill of cream is 4 ounces?), held a contest on Facebook and Twitter to give it a new name and voilà! An Old New Product.

If you have a sweet tooth or simply just love to bake, please check it out at  I had great fun producing this and will find more, I’m sure.

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