Carpenters Halloween

I went to the funniest revue on Wednesday night.  It’s called “Carpenters Halloween” and is a take-off on the scary John Carpenter movie “Halloween” of 20-odd years ago.  You know, the one starring Jamie Lee Curtis as the squeamish teenager who manages to kill the stalker/killer? At least, I think she did.  I never saw the flick but I did see excerpts now and then on TV.

(I gave up scary movies when I was a kid.  I had gone with some friends to the “The Blob” starring a very young Steve McQueen.  If you remember, the end of the movie showed the blob coming out of the projection booth at the cinema and starting to eat up the movie goers.  My mother and brother came to pick me up in the station wagon after the movie and I begged them to let me sit in the front seat with them because the blob was in the back seat with me.  My mother wisely determined that that was the end of all horror movies for me.)

Well, this takeoff was hysterical. Put on by Scott Bradley and Jonny Stax (Scooty and Jojo), there were men playing female characters, women playing male characters and Muppets playing supporting roles. And get this:  it was set to the music from the Carpenters singing group!  Nothing like watching the killer go after his victims to the tune of “We’ve Only Just Begun….”  There was a live band, fake smoke for the fog scene and the actors used the entire bar performance area, including running around our tables.  After the show, Scott came out and went from group to group thanking us for coming.

If you’re interested in seeing this, you’d better hurry.  The last show is tomorrow, November 7.  But Scooty and Jojo do many spoofs.  You may want to check out their site: They are quite talented, not to mention funny.

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