Consciousnesses and Dimensions

Saint Germain frequently talks about ‘the next consciousness, ‘the next dimension.’ So I asked him whether those were the same thing. He said no.

There are 12 dimensions, but only the first 5 would be anything we would ever be able to relate to. And yet, all 12 dimensions are represented on earth.

In dimensions 1-5, there is still separate soul. But there’s no soul in 6 and beyond. Dimensions 6 and beyond cannot be defined.

So ascended masters like Saint Germain and Jesus still have souls.

Dimensionality is how we relate to things. But consciousness is completely different.


Consciousness is universal intelligence designed in a particular way. Sort of like putting universal intelligence into a software system, a program.  The ‘system’ is universal intelligence and it has programs so you can use it.

When SG talks about us going into ‘the next consciousness,’ he means we’re going from human consciousness to soul consciousness, what some people now call Christ consciousness. It will ultimately be called soul consciousness, as Christ consciousness cuts out too many people.

Now, we can have awareness and consciousness of our soul and still be completely 3rd dimensional human. But we’re very limited in which parts of the program we can access and use. Why? Because if we stay in 3rd dimensional human, we have to stay in energy and time. Soul consciousness does not have energy or time.

Less Limited

So if we have soul consciousness strictly in 3rd dimension, we’re quite limited. But what happens if we’re 4th dimensional and in soul consciousness?

Being 4th dimensional in soul consciousness (which means we get greater access to universal intelligence and we function outside of time and space) is the ultimate use of 3rd dimension and soul consciousness. It’s fabulous and highly accessible.

I asked whether we’d still have our human bodies. “Generally, once you get a taste for 4th dimension and soul consciousness, you tend to not want to keep a daily reference to your 3rd dimensional body. You generally don’t hang out with it that long as a permanent structure. That’s when you leave your body and you come back in any form you like. Not a body, but a form. There are a lot of beings on earth who appear to be human, because they can take any form they like, who are 4th dimensional soul consciousness. And they are temporarily in a form. Merlin does that. In the past it’s been called part of alchemy.”

Now, as a 5th dimensional being, we have access to universal consciousness. That’s not the same thing as universal intelligence at all, which is soul.

As we get more and more into soul consciousness, we get greater access to the next level of consciousness, which is universal consciousness, what SG calls ‘the unknowable unknown.’ We cannot have an experience of universal consciousness while still in a 3rd dimensional body. It’s unknowable. Our soul development is not great enough to be able to do that.

So in this evolution we’re in, we move beyond soul consciousness into a form of Oneness that is no longer independent. Soul, though eternal, is still independent.

“So just as you’re moving out of your 3rd dimensional human consciousness as a body, into this next phase, when you go from 4th to 5th and you go into universal consciousness, there is no soul reference. There is only the reference of Oneness. It’s called The Cosmos or Cosmic Consciousness. From 5th dimension you can access it. But beyond 5th, you become it.”

All we as humans can know going forward is 4th dimensional soul consciousness. That’s the ‘knowable unknown,’ the soul. Anybody who has evolved through the reincarnation cycle of 3rd dimensional human has to go into 4th and 5th dimension. That’s just the way it works. We also evolve through all of the consciousnesses.

“If you are soul, you are all that ever was, is or will be. That’s soul, because it’s eternal. The human mind wants to understand this and put it into a little box marked A,B,C,D. But once you get into soul, nothing is A,B,C,D anymore. Nothing is logical, nothing works in time, nothing works in energy. You can spin out of the system of energy, time, space and structure. That’s why going forward, the structures don’t fit. You’ll move out of the logical, linear, left-brain, time-based domination of your expression. But  you don’t move into a feminine structure, you move into soul, which is universal intelligence.”

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