Cool Your Jets: It’s Just Cycles Ending

So the Mayan Calendar ends in December of 2012, right?  Many people felt that this meant that the world was coming to an end.

Not so, says Saint Germain.

What’s happening right now is a convergence of millions of cycles all coming to a particular place in their cycle. So it feels like they’re all colliding.

And it feels chaotic, doesn’t it? But SG says this is very, very temporary, so not to worry.

These cycles are all very close together, which is what makes it so chaotic-feeling right now. But they are on their way back out into the expanse.

Mayans Knew This

This is what the Mayan calendar was talking about: the convergence  of the ends of these cycles happening simultaneously would certainly indicate death, except for one thing: they’re just cycles!

This, too, shall pass, whether you do anything about it or not. You can pray all you want, jump up and down, change your focus, whatever.  It doesn’t matter.

The cycles will continue to be exactly what they are. They are coming together in a specific configuration and will all leave whether you watch your carbon footprint or not.

Opportunity For Us

Whenever there is chaos, it’s an opportunity for new things to be expressed that aren’t a part of those cycles.  A whole bunch of other things create new cycles.

Which is why it’s such an exciting time. This much chaos and collision give us that much more opportunity.

So we want to take advantage of what’s going on and not use the excuse that “I’m a light-worker and I’m fixing the light.”

It doesn’t need fixing. This is just a cyclic change.

But not always comfortable, perhaps.

When I have one of those chaotic days, I just breathe in through my nose, out through my mouth and keep repeating, “This, too, shall pass.”

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