Is anybody else comfortable? I haven’t been. Even in my happiest moments, there seems to be that underlying feeling of discomfort.

I asked Saint Germain about this and got some clarity.

SG: “Life at this point in time is in such a place of transition and that discomfort is tough for all of you. People in so many ways are feeling like they are standing still. And that makes it hard as well. Most of you are just working so hard to keep on going. Please, can I just not have to deal with it this way? Can’t there be another way?

I just want you to know that honestly and truly and truly and honestly, everything is OK. It just doesn’t feel OK. It’s a lot and yet it’s nothing at the same time.

2012 is going to feel like what is going on here? What’s wrong with life anyway? Why can’t we get this to work?   The answer is that there’s nothing to work right now. It’s a very odd year, an odd experience. You’ll hear again and again: ‘You’re OK, you’re OK, you’re OK.’ But it just doesn’t feel OK.

It’s About Change

Heidi: What is that underlying sense of discomfort about?

SG: “Change. Your very foundation is shifting. You’re not going to feel good. Nobody does when their foundation shifts. Nobody feels good when their body chemistry changes. Nobody feels good when their memory doesn’t work.”

Saint Germain has talked to me before about our short-term memory loss, that there is a good reason for this going on. And it’s not just with older people. It’s everyone. And what he says is coming is fascinating.

SG: “Memory is something a computer can do. Human beings don’t need to have a memory, so it’s shifting out of the human mind. You just don’t need it, so it’s shutting down. You need to be in the Now. But you’ve been programmed to remember. However,  in order to remember, you have to activate your ego and your self-identity in relationship to things. We’re trying to go beyond that.

The level of vulnerability a human being is feeling right now is huge. If I can remember, that’s my security. Remember when you were first taught to memorize? The very first thing was to memorize your name. Memorizing was the key to establishing everything. But we’re saying to you, “No, you don’t need any memory. It’s not important. By being in the Now, everything you need is there. Why would you need a memory?”


We’ll be accessing so much more information over the next few years that everything we’ll ever need can be put into a small chip. This can be embedded under the skin and whenever we need info, that chip will give it to us. I’ll think of my friend David and all the info I need about him will be right there.

SG: “If someone is coming into your presence, the chip will tell you. You won’t need to remember anything. How’s that for total transparency and true communication? And you are all so vulnerable. Every human being should be crying every day because of the vulnerability that you’re in that you can’t control. And it’s not personal for any of you. It’s just what is. It’s what happening right now on Earth.

It’s a lot, Heidi, but it’s nothing at the same time.”


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