Doing versus Being

When I get into rushing around and thinking I am accomplishing all sorts of important things, I frequently am reminded by my soul of the difference between doing and being and that being is    much more powerful.

One of my favorite spiritual books of all time is Conversations with JC.  Not “Conversations with God”, the great book by Neal Donald Walsch. Conversations with JC. Listening to my Self is just what it sounds like: conversations with and from Jesus, as channeled by 2 women, Grady C. Porter and Glenda K. Lippmann.

The quote that has stayed with me the most is JC’s description of the difference between doing and being. He says this 3rd dimensional ego-based experience we are having is an illusion and we can believe in it or not believe in it.

“The game of illusion you play does not govern you if you don’t play the game. Three strikes you’re out, being caught off base, committing an error–those are baseball rules, rules of that game, but they don’t apply outside the game.

Recognize where you are. Don’t be fooled by the illusion, even though you’re the one creating it. You don’t have to play baseball if you don’t want to. You can walk off the field any time you choose.  Of course, you tell yourself that they need you on the team, that they’re depending on you; maybe you even invited them to play in the first place. But, if you don’t like the game, if you are tired of it, don’t play it.

Doing is an illusion word. Everything is done. Being. Be-ing is your work here. Be-ing those qualities you are. Expressing and being are the same. You think being is non-action and expressing is action. The only action there is is God.”

© 1985 Grady C. Porter, Glenda K. Lippmann

This is a great book and it’s still in print.  You can get it for less than $10 at Amazon by going here.

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