Dysfunction Indeed

Anybody else seeing things falling part?  I read years ago that this would happen but now we’re in it big time.

Look at the polarity going on in Congress. Some of the behavior is downright adolescent. “I’m going to take my ball and go home!”

For me personally, I had trouble with a medical practitioner making mistakes and became confused about it all.

So I asked Saint Germain’s take on this and here’s what he said:

“What you’re doing on the planet at this time is looking at the dysfunction of all structures, whether family, community, school, religion, government, medical, financial. You put yourself in the child/parent role with these authorities, accept them as the authority, then get really mad when the authority isn’t doing a very good job. We’re talking about the whole structure of human consciousness, which is based on God as authority or male as authority, science as authority, etc.

“People are determining whether they still want to be in the child/parent roles with authorities that are dysfunctional. But they stand in denial about this because if they realized the dysfunction, they would be at risk.  That’s the child. I have to say it’s functional, I have to somehow protect it as functional.

“They’re protecting themselves against feeling vulnerable and maybe dying. This dysfunction is what the politicians are showing you right now.


“Human 3rd dimensional consciousness must put order on chaos. That’s what you do, you put authority structures in and designs in place that help you stay anchored. But even if those structures have been in place and you’ve used them, they don’t necessarily always work.

“That’s what you facing now: the breakdown of the authority structures based on the male authority of linear, left-brain function, which has also been called God. God was a male fabrication. Most everything you look at in this civilization became a fabrication of humans from a linear, logical, time-based structure.”

We’re not going from a male authority to a female one, however. We’re going to a soul consciousness. More on that in my next post: Consciousnesses and Dimensions.

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