Energy vs. Intelligence

All my life, I have been very susceptible to energetics. If the weather was changing, I felt it.  There were many times I had to cancel going to an event because I was feeling overwhelmed by the energy going on around me. Way too hyper-sensitive.

Because of this, I have been fascinated by just how energy works and how I can be more comfortable in it. We are now in a huge evolutionary consciousness shift, where we can be on the level of soul. And soul doesn’t function in energy at all. This confused me and whenever I am confused, I ask Saint Germain. Here he talks about the difference between Energy and Intelligence.

“Energy is the human way of expressing. It is the only way. Thought energy, feeling energy, emotional energy, spirit energy.  The aspect of yourself as human uses energy for its expression.

But that’s not all of who you are. You’ve got a whole other bunch of aspects of yourself that are also expressing. And those parts of you do not use energy as its expression.

In an enlightened place, you recognize and realize that the eternal aspects of your expression do not express in energy at all. So therefore, if you are using energy, you are not in the eternal part of yourself. You are in the human part.

Soul does not express in energy at all. It functions in Intelligence.

Intelligence is lots and lots of baby holograms that are not energetically-based. There is no cause and effect and the holograms do not get created or destroyed. They don’t transform from one thing to the next, which happens in energy.

Every single hologram is eternal. Whereas, in the physical world, things are temporary.

Could you imagine having every tiny little speck in the physical, which is so dense, be a permanent part of existence?

These baby holograms have no density at all. They are non-energetic. They are Intelligence itself.  And Intelligence doesn’t change. It just is.

How do you think your ego would feel about functioning in a world where there is no energy? How would it determine what it is supposed to do or not do? It gets confused.

But if we tell it that soul or eternity are not energetically-based and it can just go out and play, it relaxes. This gives it a wonderful boundary, so it can just stop trying to be in ‘eternity’ and just do its job.

The ego’s job is in charge of all that is temporary, yet it’s also involved with things that are not. And that’s quite an expansion, which the ego loves. Its job is to narrow things down and make them smaller and limited and protected, so when it has an opportunity to exist in the environment of expansion but doesn’t have to expand itself, it’s perfect.

Enlightenment is being able to see your humanness with ease without any physical reaction, without any energetic response (emotions, thoughts), without any cause and effect that moves energy positive to negative or negative to positive. Or puts it into new shapes through transforming.

As an enlightened being, you are free from the responses and reactions to energy. The ego’s job is energy and when we’re enlightened and no longer subject to energy, the ego relaxes. Whew! So much less for it to do.”

Personally, with all my intense reaction to energetics, I am looking forward to this consciousness expansion into Intelligence. Can’t see the holograms myself, though. Let me know if you can.

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