From CEO to Janitor and Back to CEO

Have you seen that TV show, Undercover Boss? A person who is the creator and/or CEO of a company goes undercover in his/her own company and takes a lowly position, perhaps as janitor. The point is for the CEO to see how the company is really run and to improve its efficiency and service to its customers.

It also can humanize the CEO to what the company’s employees go through.

Saint Germain tells us that from the moment of conception, we go from being the wise, all-knowing CEO to being the janitor.

We come into body and have to learn all the rules of 3rd dimensional human. What are the agreements, what are we told to do, how must we comply?

From that minute of conception, our freedom leaves. We have to adapt, join in and forget our wisdom.

What’s Going On?

Now, as CEOs, most of us are confused about the chaos that is happening around us. But it’s also happening within us!

From August through December, all will be in flux, we’ll have no idea where the energy will go next. People will be playing out old dreams and karma.

We need to not see this from the place of ego but to observe from a non-attached place.

No judgment, no criticism. Don’t push any of it away. Simply allow.

And when it gets tough, SG says to say, “So what?” This is the precursor to freedom.


Humanity is breaking through the restrictions of human agreements.  This is a biggie!

We’re taking 10 more steps past what we thought we could stand. We’ll think it’s all so far beyond bizarre, but it just is what it is. So what?

Your soul will always move you in harmony with all change. Go to the adult part of you. Drop all emotion and don’t put a story on any of it.

See only the facts and soul will fill in the intelligence that goes with those facts.

And know that this, too, shall pass.

We’re on our way back to being CEO.

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