From Human to Soul- It’s Where We Now Are

Saint Germain once told me that after 2012, 3rd dimensional human consciousness would no longer be supported.

That confused me. Does that mean we will no longer be human, our conscious minds will stop working, we’ll be in chaos? Or not here at all?

He also told me that 2011 will be the most difficult in human consciousness.

He elaborated recently on what he meant:

“The big push of human exploration ends at the end of 2011. It’s done. That’s when the big influx of the exploration of eternity–your eternal being, your soul–starts to take precedence.

People will simply not be pushing on human exploration, which causes the ego to have to be on full alert.

The exploration of body, mind, spirit (which includes emotion) is called your ‘whole human.’ Humans can be whole but they cannot be One. Your soul–the eternal aspects of yourself–can be One.

The human aspects of yourself, such as your temporary body, your mind and ego cannot be eternal. They can never be One. They are left in that ‘wholeness’ but not the ‘Oneness.’

Humanity is cycle after cycle after cycle. It’s very, very predictable. When you’re working through the first phases of your life, you’re working on completing past-life experiences. Unfinished business.

Enlightenment is about what is human?  It’s allowing others to have their path without our interfering at all. We don’t send anyone love, no good wishes or healing, we simply allow them their path.  Now that’s a contradiction in our spiritual growth, isn’t it? Doesn’t that tell us to pray or send light because that’s the ‘right’  thing to do?  But I am telling you that that is a human, spiritual thing to do.  It is not an enlightened thing. Enlightenment is to simply allow them their process with no interference from you at all.

Being a good Christian, having a good set of morals, doing the ‘right’ thing: all of that is to complete your human wholeness, to really pull yourself together as a whole and complete human being.

Once you know you’re whole, you can step back and say you’re faulty in a million ways. If you’re good, you’re also bad. If you’re right, you’re also wrong. If you’re a sinner, you’re also a savior. That’s the human condition. You are all things expressed, not just one thing.

Once you are whole. you have to accept that human is one aspect of who you are. You heard me right: an aspect of who you are, not who you are.

Enlightenment allows you to be more than your humanness, more than your spiritualness, so you can step back and say: ‘My humanness is an aspect of this expression. It is not who I am, it’s a part of my expression.’ That way, you don’t have to be kind or positive or sad or angry. You don’t have to be anything emotional.”

So we will still be here, but we are going into an expanded consciousness. We have the opportunity to become enlightened and give our poor overworked egos a break.

Next up: SG talks about the difference between energy (3rd dimensional human) and Intelligence (eternity). More on that in a later post.

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