Happy For No Reason

Last year Saint Germain was talking to us about being ‘happy for no reason.’  This can be something hard for a 3rd dimensional mind to comprehend.  Because we live in polarity (bad, good, right, wrong), we need a reason for why we are feeling a certain way.

So this took a bit of practice on my part. I would sit and meditate on simply being happy, no reason needed.  Again and again, my mind would search for a reason. I’m happy because I feel healthy. I am happy to live in this home. I am happy to have lost some weight.  On and on it would go.

But what happens when we reach a higher consciousness, when we are progressing from the 3rd dimension into the 4th (which is eternal), is that we start to experience being ‘happy for no reason.’

I can now go through the day without feeling that pressure to achieve, to do, to accomplish.  And yet things get done and accomplished.

SG keeps telling us to allow soul, not to surrender to the soul, as that word surrender has some negative vibrations to it because of its misuse over the years.

The more we embrace and allow the soul, the easier our lives become. We are then coming from soul and not ego.

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