I Got 500 More Followers on Twitter Today. Honest!

One of my internet marketing mentors has been Bill Hibbler.  You know, co-author (with Joe Vitale) of “Meet And Grow Rich.” Last night I read his latest blog on his trying out various systems with which to get more followers on Twitter. He hadn’t had much luck with any of them until Rich Bryda’s Brute Force Twitter.

So because Bill taught me about masterminds and how to write e-books (and I trust him), I signed up with Brute Force Twitter and hired Rich to do the first week’s worth for me until I had time to watch all the videos and learn how the system works. Then I went to sleep.

Normally when I first get on the computer with my morning cup of tea, I have at most 3-5 new followers on Twitter.  This morning I had 439! And they just keep coming.  So this is no hype.  I am a relative newbie at this whole marketing thing and it’s been frustrating trying one thing after another, only to be disappointed at few returns.

This system is remarkable and I shall continue to use it. Check it out: https://paydotcom.com/r/82930/hads31/24179375/

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