In Praise of Karen Bishop

In case you didn’t know, we are in a process of ascension. All of creation is a vibration and ascension is a quickening of that vibration.  Instead of being 3rd dimensional, we’ll be 4th and some people say 5th.  Yes, I know that we are multi-dimensional right now.  From what I have heard and learned, aspects of us exist in all dimensions.  However, I am in a human 3rd dimensional body with a human conscious mind that has limits. And this curious mind of mine needs to understand just what’s going on so I don’t freak out.

One of the persons who has helped me immensely in understanding this process is Karen Bishop.  Some years ago my good friend Kiki told me about Karen’s website, What’s up On Planet Earth? I read each of Karen’s alerts thoroughly and repeatedly.  She has since changed the site’s name to Emerging Earth Angels and continues to send out her WINGS alerts.  What I love about her writing is that she writes plainly and clearly about our ascension symptoms:  the brain issues (Why did I just come into the kitchen?), the sleepiness and sleeplessness,  the odd and weird pains in the body (who’s sticking needles into me?), the stomach bloating (I’ve hardly eaten a thing today!), weepiness for no particular reason and many more.

Her regular alerts seem to describe exactly what I have been going through.  This ascension process feels to me like a roller coaster.  I have no idea when it’s going to go sideways, up or down, or topsy turvy. Karen’s alerts reassure me that there is absolutely nothing wrong. I’m just ascending.

Karen has written a number of books on this process of ours, both published and in e-book form. If you’d like to get any of them or sign up for her free WINGS alerts (usually @ every 10 days or so)  just go here.  She has just released her latest mini e-book, Crossing Over, for which she asks a mandatory donation, whatever you can give. It’s excellent and you can get it here.

It’s so nice to know I’m not going crazy, just lightening up!

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