Jesus Had Two Feet in the New Consciousness

When I was a child, I had 2 fantasies to do with time travel.  If I could travel in time, I would go back and see what my parents looked like as kids. How did they sound, what did they look like?

My other big fantasy was going back and seeing Jesus.  Just where was he between the ages of 12 and about 28-30, when he started his ministry? Why the big mystery?

I ultimately realized there was nothing I could do about seeing my parents as kids, but have since read a lot about Jesus (JC). It seemed it’s possible that he traveled and studied with many masters in India, Tibet, etc.

But recently Saint Germain told me a bit more and tied it in with what is going on in my life.

2 Feet In, 1 Arm Out

He said that JC was born with 2 feet in the new consciousness (the one we are going into!) and 1 arm in the old (the one we are in now).

Saint Germain keeps telling me that my work is about enlightenment, understanding and experiencing ‘what is.’  JC already knew and experienced ‘what is.’ He was born with 2 feet already in it.

Some of us were born with 1 foot in ‘what is,’ but life then overshadowed that. We had karma, contracts to fulfill, and forgot our connection to soul.

So Saint Germain did an experiment with me. He took me just as I was, fresh out of the shower and sitting in my summer clothes, and dropped me into the jungle in Brazil.

He asked what my reaction was. I told him it was curiosity, I just looked around at the wonder of it all. But my next thought was that I needed to find a contact, some sort of civilization.

He said my first reaction was ‘what is‘ and my second was survival. There was an inkling of recognition first, then I fell back into the human consciousness mindset of survival.

Often, when we’re moving from 3rd dimensional consciousness into the next consciousness, there are inklings of something familiar. My first breath in the jungle was an open, curious, expansive, radar breath. SG told me that I have clearly linked into the new consciousness because I was able to reference it in an unknown, unfamiliar place.

Remove Survival

JC’s job was to observe ‘what is’ and to consider one thing he could choose to help pull humanity out of one of their survival issues. Because if we pull off one of those issues, there’s that much more opportunity to choose love. And what Jesus was about was love: that state of being of the universal intelligence.

He started with food. If there was an abundance of food and you could catch as many fish as you needed, manifest the loaves and change the water into wine, if that huge piece of survival was not an issue, you would open up the possibility to be more. To love more.

That didn’t go very far. So the next one he chose was disease. The blind could see, the lame could walk. If that were no longer an issue, if wellness were a part of ‘what is,’ if it was a fact of being, then maybe human consciousness could shift and hold a greater percentage of love.

The way the church translated it was to say Jesus came and suspended human sin so we could be good. He helped us move away from our humanness to find more love. So the church said:  from now on you have to be good and here’s what good means.

But that’s not really what happened. What JC did was simply look at 3rd dimensional human survival issues, suspend them, release humanity from them, in order to observe what humans would do based on those issues being pulled away from them.

Precursor To What’s Coming

So what is it going to be like for us to live in this new consciousness? If you don’t have food as an issue, if you don’t have disease, if you don’t have human duality and polarity (good and evil, etc.), then what do you become? How do you express? What is your being? That was JC’s whole process on Earth, the exploration of the transition from 3rd dimensional human consciousness to the next consciousness of human beings.

Jesus was the most modern of the seers. The Buddhas were seers, the Dalai Lamas were seers. There was a whole group of them that were never written about. They were the holders of the new consciousness in its exploration in 3rd dimension, which is what we’re going through now.

I have had a few visitations from JC and told Saint Germain that doesn’t scare me at all.

Saint Germain: “The scary part is when humans take it and separate it from themselves. Jesus was just a human being with 2 feet in the other dimension. That’s it. But the rest of him was in this dimension in this consciousness.”

So as we progress into this new consciousness, JC would be a good one to fall back on. He’s already done it.

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