Me Versus Me

As we go along in our evolutionary process, we’re going to notice changes in our beliefs about religion, God, Creation, the polarity and duality we’ve always lived in, etc.

Saint Germain tells us that we cannot become enlightened, wake up to our human consciousness in 3rd dimension until we’ve already evolved into a 4th dimensional understanding of our consciousness.

As humans, we are always in a place of versus. Who am I compared to them? This versus that. There’s always that polarity and duality and this goes on in all of our lifetimes.

Whenever there is a versus, we’re talking about ego trying to find out who it is in polarity. We struggle with this continuously, we try to calculate this in our brain, body and consciousness. Who am I, who do I need to be in order to either get more power or less power or shift the power or disempower?

Helping or allowing

Let’s say you have a friend who is struggling with a problem. You want to help them and make some suggestions. Let me help you feel better. But that’s all about you trying to get them to have the experience you want them to have. It might be a loving experience, a happier one, a healthier one. But it’s your judgment saying, I need you to do this.

It’s another form of disempowering the other person instead of letting them have their experience fully and taking responsibility for each piece of it.

How can they grow on their journey of evolution if we keep getting in the way?

Here’s SG on this issue of versus:

“If I had said ‘God is the personification of your soul,’ you would have run out the door screaming. Because it’s too scary to say that this thing that’s my savior, this thing that makes it possible for me to know there’s going to be relief from this internal conflict of versus, versus, versus, would be way too much for you to take in.

But the more we build the internal wholeness and oneness so it communicates and connects and the magic is working and things start to flow within you, then it doesn’t matter which side of the versus you’re on. In fact, you become both sides.

And in becoming both sides, you just watch and are not unraveled by any of it and don’t have to take sides. Once you don’t take sides, you’re perceived as the wholeness, the stable one, the one that no matter what, you’re there.

All human beings now on earth in the split consciousness will either leave the earth or go through a passage where that internal dialogue, that internal me versus me begins to dissolve. It goes away.

But until then, you’re going to see it extremely outside of you. Then you’ll see it inside. Of course, the truth is it started inside before you saw it outside.”


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