Lost in Waukegan

One of the funny — and frequently annoying — aspects of our being on the dimensional border is the brain not working.

I have lived in the Chicago area for almost 40 years. I know these roads, I have driven them countless times, and yet these days I continue to get lost.

I have a business as an independent distributor for the LifeWave patches and have started doing presentations about them.

So I’ve been going around leaving flyers everywhere.

Last weekend, I was a bit brain-dead and figured I couldn’t work on the e-book I was editing, so I decided to drive to Highland Park and Lake Forest and distribute flyers at various establishments.  Piece of cake, right?  Walk in the park.

Well, somehow I got so turned around that I ended up in Waukegan! Jack Benny’s home town! That’s close to Wisconsin. I remember thinking, “Boy, this sure doesn’t look like Highland Park.”

So I stopped at a McDonald’s to ask directions and 2 men who were customers started arguing over the best way for me to find my way south.

It had been some time since I had been fought over, so I quite enjoyed this.

I followed one of the gentlemen in his truck and he got me to the highway I knew and I lumbered on home.

So when you have one of those fuzzy brain days, you may want to just stay put and have a cuppa.

All I could think of was a quote from that wonderful actress Ruth Gordon. Each time she had a day that was difficult, her thought was; “I shoulda stood in bed!”

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