Masters and Angels and Guides, Oh My!

I have done some pretty stupid things in my life, like driving 85mph down the Nevada desert freeway in my VW Beetle at 3am. I knew at the time that one little bump and I would be no more. You remember those cars had no engine in the front, right? If I’d merely hit a tumbleweed, I would have been a squashed Coke can. Yet I did it.

Later I figured some angel must have been protecting me. Well, don’t laugh. They are!

The inner life has always been more interesting to me than the outer. Why we do something rather than what we do. So to consider the possibility that lofty angels would descend to help me in my foolishness was not a big jump.


Cuisinière Extraordinaire

I recently had a talk with a good friend about this. Pam Stewart is one of those people (unlike me) who can cook! It’s her passion. She’ll follow a recipe up to a point but then switch and run with it, interpreting it her way. One of her friends calls her dishes “Pamaganzas.”  She can take unappetizing leftovers from the fridge and turn them into bliss and has always felt guidance on this.

Just yesterday she created a savory ‘guided soup’ that was all at the same time…..”spicy, hot, sweet, savory, umami, acidtic, salty, herbal, and altogether an explosion of flavors that were delightfully nuanced when combined, and a wonderful feast for the senses.”
She’ll be coming out with a recipe book one of these days, which I shall heavily promote!

But back to angels. Pam told me some stories of the ways in which she has felt a higher presence but not just in the kitchen.


Bangkok Adventure

“I have had amazing angelic and guided experiences in my life and that extends to my whole well-being and safety. Instances where I could have been harmed. To give you an example: back in about 1970 or so, I was a supervisor with Braniff Airlines, living in Dallas. My dad was a pilot flying in the Vietnam War at that point and my mom was living in Bangkok to be near him on his furloughs.

“I got a pass through the airline to fly there on my dad’s next leave, spoke to my mom a few days before my flight and told her my arrival day and time. It never dawned on me to ask for her address or phone number, as she was going to meet me at the airport.

“I got into Bangkok at 12:07am. It was hot, humid, heavy, you could hardly breathe. So stuffy. There was no one there to meet me. I collected my luggage and waited….and waited… The crew from the plane had all gone and I felt alone, like I was the only one in the airport. I finally went and exchanged my dollars for baht and called the US. Embassy. But it seems they didn’t want any part of the wives of servicemen, they didn’t want any trouble in that area, so had no record of addresses.

“I was in tears. I went outside and looked at the sea of taxis, all the drivers yapping and yelling at me to hire them. I couldn’t make a decision. Suddenly two young men approached and said they’d take me where I needed to go and I decided to just go to the hotel that airline pilots and flight attendants normally stayed at.

“So I got in the cab and started thinking that any minute I could be sold into white slavery. But the young men spoke English well and asked me questions. I told them I worked for Braniff and my dad was a pilot in the war and all of a sudden these two guys started telling me all about myself, my dad, what his rank was, where he was stationed in Vietnam. I was stunned.

“It turns out these same two guys had picked up my dad at the airport the night before and they knew the whole story of our family reunion. Now, you have to understand, my dad was a stoic soldier. A curmudgeon, even, but somehow he had opened up to these two guys and told them everything.

“And in this huge city of Bangkok, those guys remembered the exact address they had taken my dad and brought me right there. My parents were stunned to see me at the door, since they were expecting me the next night, and they invited the two taxi guys in for a drink to thank them. My dad wanted to adopt them!

“Of all the taxis I could have gotten into, I went in theirs. You can’t tell me there wasn’t an angel on my shoulder.”

I asked Pam whether she consciously connects with angels and what that’s like.

“Oh yes. When it’s quiet and I call them in, they touch my face. I can feel the energetics of them touching me, like being caressed by fine silk. I get goose bumps and my hair stands up. My heart just swells and I feel unlimited.

“I’ve been working with angels since the early 1980s. Since I was a child, I always knew there was something more. I guess you could have called me a seeker. But now, today, I no longer have to seek. Everything I need is inside of me. All Creation is within us. And we are never alone. There’s a great book on this I would recommend: “The Disappearance of the Universe” by Gary Renard. It’s a fabulous read.

“You know…I think the difference between the way I put things together before and the way I do now is that I don’t just arrive at something thru my intellect or any other 3-D means…I am open to beyond the 3-D world…I get to use my whole being that has no boundaries or rules or agreements…it just IS.  It’s almost like I don’t want to define it too much because I don’t want to bring it back into the Humanness. Does that make sense to you????”


To help us get to this place, Pam and I both participated in an extraordinary evolutionary group called Evolutionary Enlightenment Program (EEP). To read more about this and what it involves, just click here.

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  1. GREAT stories, Heidi! And yours cracked me up… though I’m REALLY glad there was no tumbleweed on your path, that night. Crazy you!


    Mudd | Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

  2. Yes, it’s amazing what we do when we’re 23 and invincible, isn’t it? Glad you enjoyed it. I plan to do more blog posts on angels, etc. Let me know if you ever want to be interviewed!


    Heidi | Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

  3. Loved yr interview with Pam.

    zenjen | Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

  4. Heidi, You did a great job. You’re a Fab communicator and I’m so happy (remembering that we are in Celebration now!)to have you as my friend…come see me soon.

    Pamela Stewart | Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

  5. What a great job! You’re a terrific communicator…I am in Celebration hav ing you as my friend!!

    Pamela Stewart | Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

  6. Wow! Thank you. And thanks for letting me tell this story.


    Heidi | Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

  7. My bags are packed!


    Heidi | Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

  8. Thank you, Jen. I shall be doing a lot of these, per SG’s suggestion.


    Heidi | Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

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