My Chakras Were Purple

Saint Germain has been talking for years about grounded ascension. I never quite knew what he meant. But it’s slowly been sinking in.  We can be at a higher consciousness and yet still be grounded in these 3D human bodies. It’s like watching a parade from a 4th floor window rather than being on the ground next to the curb. Your perspective is broader.

I got a good lesson on this on Saturday.  I had been feeling wobbly the past week or so, wondering whether I was even in my body. I was signed up for a reading with SG for Saturday but called on Friday and said there was no way I could possibly drive there, as I was so out of it. I was encouraged to come anyway and that SG and Maxine would fix me up.

Maxine had a machine there that can show people their auras, chakras and soul imprints. I’m not sure whether it’s a Kirlian process or not. I put my hand on the contraption and my aura, chakras and soul imprints were visible on Maxine’s laptop. But they were all purple!

Now in spiritual circles, I had heard that this was good, that having one’s aura be violet or purple meant you were vibrating pretty darn high. That could be true but I learned that that is not the way of a grounded ascended being.  We need to be here and fully functioning in the body, which I wasn’t.

So SG did a balancing on me and within a few minutes I was energetic, centered and totally here. Then I put my hand on the machine again and the colors emanating through me were brilliant. Yellows, greens, blues, purples, reds, the whole shebang.

SG then told me that what people think ascension is, is not what it is.  It is a big deal and yet it’s only one small piece of what we are doing.  So I have graduated from 1st Grade and am now in 2nd. Ascension has been done before on Earth, many, many times.  This is nothing new.  Planet Earth and 3D human consciousness have evolved many times and will continue to.

He said that had he told me what I would be going through in my ascension process, I would not have agreed to do it. This has been intense!   That’s why Jesus said that to do this process, one must be innocent as a child, naive. I have ascended bit by bit, as to do it all in one big whoosh would have been way too much for me.

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