My Trip To The Akashic Records

Do we have to be at the mercy of our DNA?  I found out this week that we don’t.

I was having some problems getting unstuck from relationship issues, old things that just kept cropping up no matter what I did.  These were issues that were in my DNA, the DNA I had been born with.

I had been feeling sluggish and then caught a nasty cold. But I figure that when I get sick, it means my soul wants me to slow down and do some processing.  “Stop running around and being so busy!”

Lying around the house sniffling wasn’t making me much better.

So I decided I needed a reading from Saint Germain and got one on Thursday. He told me exactly how to deal with 3 different very important relationships from this life and erase the DNA for good.

“Get on a magic carpet and fly to the Akashic Records. This is a big beautiful library. See your soul coming down the steps to greet you. It will show you the book where the records are kept for each of these important relationships. Take each relationship separately, see the lifetimes in which these agreements first took place and see the truth of them. This can clear the DNA forever.”

So I went out into the backyard and sat on the picnic table under the trees. I wasn’t quite sure I would get any information but I did right away.  I focused on the individual in question. My journey took only 10 minutes and completely cleared a problem I have had my entire life.  The second one was also short and quite graphically showed me a pattern of mine that was self-defeating.

The third one I left for the next day, as I knew it would take longer and was major. Luckily, the weather was just as nice and I was not interrupted by anything except the birds singing. That one was intense and I needed to connect with several lifetimes to get the whole picture.

Since I did these journeys, a mere few days ago, I have felt a tremendous sense of peace, empowerment and freedom. All my body problems have disappeared.

And this only took up an hour of my time, total.

So if you’re stuck and wondering how to get unstuck, follow SG’s advice,  get on the magic carpet and fly…………….

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