No More Big Daddy – New Leadership for the USA

With all of the changes and intensity happening on Earth, one thing I keep reading about from various perspectives is that the United States is losing its power.

According to Saint Germain, it isn’t. It’s just coming into a new kind of leadership. Instead of staying in the dominant role of the parent, the father and the caretaker, the leadership of the United States after 2012 will be a very dynamic leadership. By losing the status of the parent, it’s allowing for others to come in and ‘take care of.’

The US will allow itself to shift into leadership in a brand new direction. According to SG, there is so much that needs to change: our economic and monetary system, which is so difficult, our religious systems, our ideas of self-responsibility and care. So much is in a changing place that it’s pretty hard to hold the position of a superior father role when we need to get down to the hard choices of alternative leadership.

There are plenty of other countries poised to take on that father role and do a beautiful job of taking care of and supporting other countries and bringing them into a place of stability.

And in the meantime, the United States will allow for instability so it can come into a new place. Into the new platform for things to be built on.

Started Twelve Years Ago

The United States started to shift out of the father role at the turn of the Millenium. And as it shifted its direction, like a barge moving away from its target, suddenly everybody realized the United States had been playing that role. But those demonizing the United States for changing its role are really about 10 years late.

To demonize the United States for what it has already chosen to move away from, is an interesting timing. Time and action don’t necessarily go hand in hand, as time generally lags behind the consciousness. The consciousness of the United States being Big Daddy shifted 10 years ago and time is still trying to catch up with that.

So where there’s destruction in the world about the United States being bad or wrong, we’ve already shifted way past that and it’s just not as impactful as some may think it should be.

Enter The Women

Saint Germain told me some time ago that the United States will begin to have a string of women presidents. And it’s the children who are asking this. Why, they say, do other countries have women presidents and heads of state, but not the US?

Perhaps this is the new leadership?  I guess we wait and see.

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