Oneness and Wholeness on the Wrong Side of Freedom


A few months ago, Saint Germain told me that what I wanted more than money, success, relationship, or anything else, was freedom. And he was right.

What’s happening on Earth now in our consciousness shift is fascinating but scary.  Sometimes it feels like we are being pushed and pulled from all directions.

And I find it confusing: what’s going on here, what am I supposed to believe in these days, who am I?

I got a virus a few weeks ago because I was prematurely linking into a place of Oneness and Wholeness. That should be good, right?  No, not if it’s on the wrong side of freedom.  The ego side.  And it was.

I was picking up and processing emotions and energies from others without being at all conscious of it.


So for one week, SG unhooked me from any such connection. He lifted off of me “Oneness and Wholeness as it relates to any other living thing.” The point of this was for me to experience what it feels like to be free from everybody else so all I’m left with is me.

Being free of others and stuck with my own thoughts, ego and emotions is not necessarily easier. But because there is no interference energetically from anyone or anything else, it’s much easier for me to shift and make new choices. There’s no pulling and no distraction.

I was able to see how easy it is for my mind to go from positive to negative. We are in polarity and duality as human beings, so this is natural. But I was able to see my own tendencies and sabotage more clearly. And make a shift in my thinking and processing, bringing me more freedom.

Ego Structures

We have so many ego structures as humans. Here’s one SG has talked about: doing the right thing. It is totally an ego structure, isn’t it? Because if there’s a right thing to do, that means there’s also a wrong thing. Polarity.

Where we are heading in our consciousness is the freedom to simply allow ‘what is.‘ Not having to judge it as right or wrong, good or bad. It just is.

Here’s another one: “I want to do this for the good of the whole.”  That is a brilliant and wonderful concept, but when it is used on the wrong side of freedom, when it is used from ego and not soul, your whole life can be eaten up. You can never do what’s good for you, because there is no you. You’re always in service to the ego, to fear, to temporary, momentary gratification.

Freedom Week

So this week SG introduced me to the possibility of my being free from all the agreements and contracts that require me to serve human 3rd-dimensional consciousness,  just because I exist.

He told me my job was to state that I want to be free from the structures of 3rd-dimensional human consciousness that prevent me from being able to experience Universal Truth, which is not confined to duality and polarity.

Every time an emotion would come up, I wouldn’t analyze it, I would just look at it and say: “I choose freedom.”

Universal Law

As humans, we are driven from within to search out peace, love and oneness. People ask, why isn’t love enough? Because love on one side of freedom is different from love on the other side.

If we understood Universal Law outside of duality and polarity, Earth would be a quite different experience.

When we start to go through the doorway of freedom, we find that on the other side, there’s love and oneness and wholeness that isn’t caught up in others’ deceits and fears and pain. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be free from duality and yet still experience that love, wholeness and oneness?  It’s a very different experience, one I experienced this week.

The thought came to me of asking SG to lift this connection from me permanently. But then I realized, that’s my job.

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