Open Space Meditation

Saint Germain has been teaching some of us about open space meditation.  I had never heard of it and couldn’t quite get the concept of just what it is.

Open space is the place between our physical bodies, our physical form, and our minds. The mind is translated as intellect and thinks it’s the wisdom of the universe, doesn’t it? News flash: it’s not.

Open space has nothing in it and does not come into form in any way.  When we’re in open space, we are not in the mind. We can’t be.

Why? Because we’re sitting in the space that’s between all form. It’s the space between all that’s created in form. And that’s really everything, isn’t it?

Or nothing at all, because as humans, we don’t perceive something unless it has a form. In open space, the only form we’re able to identify is a sense that there is energy there. But the truth is in open space there is no energy.

Confused? I was. But once I started doing this meditation, I got it.

My experience in open space is of a big huge sound stage.  With absolutely nothing in it. I feel heavy and light at the same time. It holds everything and nothing. It has no walls or ceiling, it just goes on and on and on. Then I go deeper and remember nothing, just that I’ve gone somewhere. Or nowhere!

When we talk about being outside of all form, we’re talking about the 5th dimension. There is no time or space there . It’s where we prepare when coming into these lives in 3rd dimension. We’re there a long time, but because there is no time there, that’s impossible to gauge.

People go up to the 12th dimension, but we really have to let go of the concept of things taking on a recognizable form once we get to the 5th level.

Doing open space meditation makes it easier to translate life experiences from a non-ego place. The way we use language starts to change. We don’t get as caught up in all the 3-D dramas that are unfolding. We recognize that our feelings are not who we are. Feelings are just energy moving and energy keeps right on moving.

There is more of a connection to What Is.

Does the conscious mind get this?  It doesn’t care. The mind is about the expression of the ego, the personality. Body, mind, emotions and spirit. It doesn’t care about anything else.

So the more we go into open space, the more we can have a conversation that goes beyond the conscious mind. We talk without thinking, what some people call channeling their authentic self.

And yet it’s a full expression. It makes sense. But it comes from our time in open space.

You may want to try it. Being in open space has made me happier and made my life easier.

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