Rats Are Magnificent

I had the weirdest dream last week.  A white rat was sitting in the middle of my living room. It didn’t really look like a rat, though, more like a short-hair cat just sitting there on its haunches.

The energy of this animal was so peaceful and wise.  There was no fear, no rat-like behavior that we’re used to.

I realized I needed to get the rat outside because I didn’t want my cats to hurt it. But the cats got close to it anyway and started playing with its tail.

Once I got it outside, all felt right.

Saint Germain gave me a fascinating interpretation of this dream.

Rats are brilliant.

He said rats are the most wonderful animal on earth.  They know how to survive and thrive. And they are not in any way mean.

This white rat represented my innate wisdom. We all have it as children,  we are all that beautiful rat. But at the age of 5 we start to protect it from our human curiosity and training.

And a cat is curiosity, isn’t it?  My curiosity came and challenged my wisdom. So I picked it up and got it out of the way of that curiosity.

My wisdom is well and good within me, as the rat was inside the house.  It’s totally comfortable and available there and the only reason I took it outside was to protect it from my curiosity.

A very sweet and powerful dream.

I shall look at rats differently from now on.

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