Books By Arnold Patent

Years ago I was sitting in my apartment feeling ridiculously sorry for myself. A friend had lent me some tapes from a workshop she’d done with Arnold Patent and I just never had gotten around to listening to them. A voice in my head kept saying: “Put on the tapes. Put on the tapes.”

So I finally did and my entire life shifted. I would have to say that Arnold Patent gave me a big but loving push forward in understanding what this existence is all about. He was one of my main teachers.

Start with “You Can Have It All.” Then see what you’re led to next. He very clearly tells us what the laws of the Universe are. Wonderful writer and wonderful man.

Also consider getting “Conversations With JC,” a fabulous book of channeled words from Jesus himself. This book goes right along with Arnold Patent’s work. My favorite quote from JC in this book is about walking off the field if you’re sick of playing. You may have started the game yourself and your team is counting on you. But if you don’t want to play any more, if you’re tired of the game, just walk off the field.

I’ve included the link to this book above with Arnold Patent’s books.