Books By Chris Griscom

I first heard about The Light Institute of Galisteo from Shirley MacClaine’s book, “Out On A Limb.” It just jumped out of the page at me. I simply knew I had to go there and do this past-life work.

When I chose a facilitator to work with, I was told there would be a 6-month wait. What? Impatient person that I am, this would simply not do. Fortunately, there was a cancellation and I was on my way.

This was profound work. I released so many buried memories from so many experiences, both dark and light. I learned that the victim and victimizer were one and the same. What had been done to me I had done to others. After a session, I would sit in my rental car and simply stare at the horses in the field. Time passed and I had no perception of it.

Chris Griscom, the founder of The Light Institute, has written some great books on this topic. “Ecstasy Is A New Frequency” introduced me to the idea of ‘quickening,’ and “The Healing of Emotion” woke me up even more. Both of these books I would highly recommend.