Root Canal #2

8 years ago I got my first-ever root canal. No fun, yet the doctor was so good, I was in and out of there in 30 minutes.

Tomorrow morning I get my second one, on tooth #19, 2nd one in from the back on the bottom left. I had pain there last week but not this week, because Saint Germain took it away.

He told me many people are having problems with this tooth because the nerve coming down from the brain on the left side of the head, past the ear and into the throat is being activated now. It’s about communication between the brain and the throat and this activation will only be increasing.

So for some of us, that energy is getting stalled a bit in that tooth and the pressure needs to be released. He suspended the pain until I could get the root canal.  Thank you, SG!

Did you know that pain is part of 3rd dimension but suffering is an option? Every time we have pain we can acknowledge it but do not need to put a story on it. A story makes it play out longer and we can really get stuck there. “He said, she said” kind of thing. We need to just let it move through our bodies and out.

Easier said than done, right?  I needed an ascended master to help me with mine! But I’m getting pretty good at noticing the stories I put on pain and laugh and release the story immediately.

The doctor I’m seeing is excellent, I have sent friends to him and they’ve raved, and I plan to treat myself to a meal out if my jaw feels it can handle it.

In the meantime, if SG interests you, you can see him talking about many issues on videos on the website of his channel, Maxine Jones:

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