Silk Blouses for $4 Each

I wrote recently about there being enough money and abundance on Earth for all of us.  As Saint Germain says, there is nothing wrong with the economy, the economics are shifting.

So what do we do when the abundance doesn’t seem to be coming our way just yet? I keep asking my Soul for money miracles and they are arriving in funny ways.

On Tuesday morning my friend Kiki (performance artist with a wonderful voice) was planning to come to my place to make a recording of the fairy tale book I have put together with another friend. The Marvelous Dog and The Wonderful Cat. But that morning I woke up with a stiff neck, so went off to the chiropractor. It pushed back the recording time to past noon.

When Kiki came to record, all the learning I had done at the Apple Store on how to use Garageband fled from my head and we only managed to squeak out 2 chapters. It was one of those ‘processing days’ for me and I was off on some other planet. Then Kiki’s throat started acting up and we couldn’t continue.

So…..when things aren’t working……go shopping!

I had received a coupon for a free pair of pearl earrings from a jewelry store, but hadn’t picked them up, as I already had a pair. But Kiki didn’t. So off we went to the mall.

We got the earrings then decided to use another coupon I had for Banana Republic. But because it was Tuesday, when this store has special discounts, we got even more surprises.

We found some things we liked then went to check out. I had forgotten a number of coupons that Banana Republic had sent me which were stuffed in my purse.  I got those out and even though some were expired, the manager overrode the expiration. The clerk started deducting all the coupons and special discounts.

All in all, I bought 2 gorgeous silk blouses, normally sold for $80 each (on sale for $54) for $4 each! And Kiki got a lovely summer T-shirt for 7 bucks!

How’s that for abundance?  Thank you, Soul.

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