Slippery My Feet

I slipped on the back stairs this morning when going down to get my laundry.  It seems that some of the flax seed oil I had put in my morning yogurt had spilled, I had unknowingly walked on it while wearing my sandals and now have a slightly sprained ankle.  Guess I won’t go to the workout class at the health club after all.

This is the sort of thing that is getting me out of my compulsive routines. I love going and working out.  It’s great for staying reasonably slim and toned and it fires those endorphins in my brain so my attitude is better.  But it has become a bit of a compulsion, too. And what our souls are doing right now is getting us out of some of these routines.

It’s almost absurd sometimes.  Last week it took me 45 minutes to find a shopping center that is only 5 minutes away from my home. I kept driving right past it, not seeing it at all. Did they move it? I know it’s here somewhere. Maybe it’s gone into another reality? All I could do was laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

So we’re going from the 3rd dimension into the 4th and these kinds of things happen in our ascension process.  Not too comfortable for old compulsive me but I know enough now to just accept it and laugh.  Or cry.  Whichever one works in the moment.

The goofy brain stuff continues, too. A good friend of mine misplaces his keys a lot. He knows we’re going through all sorts of consciousness changes, so he just says:
“I can see them, I can feel them, I can hold them in my hand.”  And they miraculously appear on the dining room table or wherever he had just looked.

My teacher Saint Germaine says there are 8 brain chemistries that are shifting in us in this ascension process.  We are letting go of the memories of the past, because they’re just not needed in the 4th dimension. So I go through times of remembering old hurts, joys, resentments, processing through those and then simply forgetting them completely. Gone, kaput. No longer a part of me.

Many drivers running red lights are not even in their bodies.  So when you get in a car, imagine an angel on the roof and a few in the back seat and tell yourself to be grounded.  Breathing in through the nose & out through the mouth brings you present in your body.  See roots going down from your feet into the center of the earth and bring that energy back up into your body.

And try not to spill the flax seed oil.

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