So What?

Something happened this week that was an eye-opener for me in understanding the difference between 3rd dimensional human consciousness and soul consciousness.

I had to negotiate something with someone else and compromised.

But later, while trying to get to sleep, I had doubts. “Did I make the right decision? Was I wrong to compromise? Should I tell them no after all?”

Then I suddenly remembered what Saint Germain has been teaching us: in soul there is no right or wrong!

Right or wrong, good or bad, these are concepts that exist in 3D human consciousness. But they don’t exist in other dimensions or consciousnesses.

What I did is simply what I did. There was no right or wrong in it at all.

It was what SG calls ‘what is.’ It just is.

The words that came to me about my compromise were: So what?


I frequently go to the akashic records to get some clarity from my soul.

The akashic is where the records are kept for all of our experiences in the physical.

I get on my flying carpet, travel through the air and land at the bottom steps of a huge library, the akashic.

I walk up the steps to my soul waiting at the top and tell it whatever I want.

This time, I asked for a hologram I could stand in.

“Please show me a So What? hologram I can stand in every time I start to doubt myself, criticize myself for any actions, or feel a need to get into 3D polarity.”

The soul shows us in symbols, not words,  and what I saw looked like an old-fashioned radio microphone with the call letters on top. Except this was a hologram I could stand in, and the call letters said: So What? In flashing lights like at a carnival. Wonderful and fun.

So go to the akasic and see what your soul shows you.



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