Staying Out Of The Drama

Just Energy Moving

Lately, I have been feeling what I’d call a ‘heavy’ energy. Some people would call it depression or grieving. But if we give it one of those names, then we stay in it longer.

It becomes an emotion and those can drag on.

I don’t want to put it into an emotion, thought or a feeling. I am just letting it be energy moving. I watch it, experience it, and then it’s gone.

In the past, I would have grabbed onto it, defined it, processed it like mad and complained to everyone I knew about it.  Intellectualize it.

X Generation

The last generation that will be able to get away with having the intellect make them successful, correct or special is the X Generation. People born in the 60s and 70s.

Humans actually connect to one another based on how they feel, not on what they think. That’s human nature.

But that was pushed back to allow intellect to come forward. Humans are now realizing that the universe is much smarter than they are. And the way to access the universe is through energy, feelings and knowledge.

Feelings are information and humans are learning to be informed through their feeling nature rather than through their mind, which blocks feelings.

Those who have dropped out of intellect and fear as the primary way of relating and have gone to their feelings, have an opportunity to move closer to their soul evolution.

And we are truly evolving.

I am much more interested in connecting to people soul to soul to evolve rather than ego to ego to finish up karma. Very, very different experiences.

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