“I have known Heidi for a while now. She started to be my student in French classes and she became also my friend. She is a very interesting warm person, peaceful and calm. Furthermore, she is very good in French! When I don’t feel good, I like to talk to her, it helps!”

Sandrine Gagnant

“Heidi is truth without the need for proof or evidence. I have known her for more than 30 years, have always gotten straight answers from her and I trust her intuition completely.”

David C. Heller
Senior Lecturer
Family Consumer Science
University of Akron, Ohio

“Heidi is very open and curious about the world and really notices things. She has the ability to write about all these things in a very clear, simple way.  Whether it’s a psychological or spiritual concept,  Heidi can express it so it is accessible and understandable to most anyone.”

JM – Chicago, IL