The 3 Expressions That Dominate The Earth

More gems from Saint Germain:

The 3 expressions that dominate the Earth are action, intellect and emotion. The energy of the Universe is expressed through feelings, and feelings then get expressed through action,  intellect or emotion.

But when energy goes back to its original place, when we go back in the consciousness, energy is just energy, without any other expression. No need for action, intellect or emotion.

As human beings, we naturally interpret our world through our intellect, our conscious mind. And the intellect is the ego, it’s our identity, it’s how we function in 3rd dimension.

But for the first 5 years of life, all living things function on feeling energy. They ‘feel’ the energy. That’s what our physical form does. The intellect is formed after that. But it all starts with feeling.

Animals go into instinct right away. Even rocks have feelings. That’s why when people pick them up, they say, “oh, this rock feels like…..”

All energy can be translated into a feeling.

But intellect is not formed in humans until age 5.  And intellect is a duplication or representation of Universal Intelligence. But it’s a pretty bad representation, isn’t it?  Quite inferior.

And this duplication gets repeated until we finally move out of it and move toward the Universe itself and back into Oneness.

There is an in-breath and an out-breath in the Universe.

The out-breath is our separation from Oneness and coming into individuation. Separate bodies, separate lives. The in-breath is our coming back into Oneness.

We are just at the beginning of the in-breath.

So what SG recommends is to not put a story on anything.  When a feeling comes through us, just see it as energy moving.

No matter how uncomfortable that feeling may be, just see it as energy moving. But if you must give a name to it, call it love.

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