The Doorway to Knowing……….Yourself

For the past 40+ years, I have been a voracious reader of spiritual books. Arnold Patent, Jane Roberts, Barbara Marciniak, A Course in Miracles. Just about anything I could get my hands on.

As much of my life never made sense to me, I needed some guidance on just what was going on here on Planet Earth and why I was here.

I recently discovered a book that puts a lot of my questions into a clear perspective for me. It’s called The Doorway to Knowing, A Guide to Soulful Living, by Cynthia Santee. I originally met Cindy through a mutual friend yet only later found out about her book.

This book is for anyone just starting out on their spiritual path, as well as those of us who have been on that path our whole lives. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran, it’s truly available to all ages and all levels of spiritual development.

How many spiritual books actually tell you how to live a spiritual life in the real world? Many of them are wonderful intellectual exercises but not terribly practical when applied to functioning in the real world.

Using personal stories from her own life, Cindy shows us just how to be spiritual and human, guided by our own higher knowing. We all have that higher knowing, it’s called the soul, yet can lose touch with it simply by living with all the distractions of a 3rd dimensional human life.

What was wonderful about this book for me was being reminded of things I knew but had forgotten, such as Cindy’s Four Steps of the Path to Knowing. When presented with a challenging situation:


  1. Acknowledge the situation as it is.
  2. Surrender all beliefs or ideas you may have about the situation.
  3. Allow that which is being revealed to you.
  4. Accept that which is given to you, and trust that the guidance you receive from your greater Self is valid and reliable.


I decided to ask Cindy how this book came about and why.

“I became aware when I was about 5 or 6 years old, that I could step out of any situation and just be the observer. I would observe what was happening, go within and then go without to deal with whatever needed to be addressed in my external world.

I had no word for it, this was just my experience. Because of this ability, I was spared the emotionality of the occurrence, the drama and trauma, and was able to not personalize anything that was going on. I wouldn’t take anything personally. I just knew that everyone had their own experience and that’s just what was.  That what someone else was experiencing was about them, and not about me, and I just needed to take responsibility for my experience, not someone else’s.

I never moved into why something was happening. I just allowed the experience to be what it was.

This was a real freedom for me. I had limited experience of the shadow or the wounding that most people have. I never became a victim or identified with the issues of others. In general, for some reason at a very young age I was aware that what someone was projecting was their stuff and had nothing to do with me.

So you see, I had a completely different perspective on the world.  And this was a very private, internal experience for me, not something I talked about or described to anyone else. It was just another way to be in the world.

As I grew, I added more dimensions, greater “knowings” to my life experiences.  At the age of 16, I met my first spiritual mentor who introduced me to more evolved spiritual concepts, world religions, and philosophies. ”

Going Within

I asked Cindy to explain more about her ‘going within.’ How did that work?

“I went to the depths of my being and whatever experience was going on simply aligned. I could then go without and see the experience without personally identifying with it, yet I was fully present with emotion, but not emotional. I was engaged in each moment of life, but in a very different way.

You know, I have also never felt alone.  I have been directed, guided and protected by a higher aspect of myself, always. One of the reasons I wrote this book was to share how to incorporate this way of living into our daily lives. One may intellectualize or philosophize about life, but how do you live it?”

To read an excerpt from Cindy’s book or to order it in paperback or e-book form, just go here:

You can also order this book directly from authorhouse and amazon.


Just so you know: I have no financial arrangement whatsoever with Cindy. I am not an affiliate for her book. I just wanted everyone to know about it. It’s a great read.

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