The Silent Mind

Worry No More

I used to be a dreadful worrier. It’s something I got from my dad, who was my model.

Some time ago, all that just stopped, which was quite a relief to me.

But the other day, I noticed that my mind was chattering on,  having conversations with all sorts of people not even present. I was alone, yet all this was going on in my head.

What I noticed in these conversations was that I was justifying myself to others.

Here’s SG’s take on this:

“Your very best audience is yourself, right? These conversations are supposed to be of self-justification. It’s what the mind does. You’re either the hero or the victim. And you choose different people to have these conversations with. That’s just the cycle of the mind and it’ll do that forever. It does it in meditation, let alone when you’re driving down the street.

“It’s just an overactive on-switch. It’s normal. You’re in an absolutely standard, nothing-special mental run-on. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cut off that kind of conversation completely? It’s just a back and forth between hero and victim. What a waste.

“What you’re doing, Heidi, is accidentally connecting to the telephone line that talks about justifying yourself. It’s an accident. Just unplug that one. You’re hearing things that have no value to you and you don’t need to hear.

What you want to do is imagine a big switch and simply pull it down. Simply say: not interested, mind, don’t want to listen to that.

New Conversation Starts

“Once you put a stop to that, then another kind of thing happens in your head. You’ll be in the present, situations will happen, and your mind will talk about what’s present, not the past and not these back and forth conversations.  Then ultimately, there’s a silence. The Silent Mind.”

I’m looking forward to that day, believe me.

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