The Soul Has No Shame

Something happened to me last week that I think happens to a lot of us.  I fell back into a place of guilt and shame because I felt I had done something wrong.

We had a power outage here for a few days and my only way of communicating was through my cell phone. So I did a swim at my health club (which did have power), then hooked up my cell phone charger.

While waiting for it to charge, I got a call from someone and answered it on speaker. I had totally forgotten that the club forbids talking on cell phones in the locker rooms.

A friend was kindly offering me her fridge for my food that was rotting at home. As I was thanking her, a woman walked past me in the locker room and shouted: “Nobody wants to hear your conversation, lady!” And she quickly left.

Now, my friend David called this woman one of the ‘snipers,’ people who get their digs in and quickly retreat before anyone can respond.

But I immediately retreated into a place of shame and guilt. OMG, I had done something WRONG.

Saint Germain’s Take On It

I asked Saint Germain what had happened, why I hadn’t spoken up, and he said it was because there was still a place of right and wrong in me.

In soul consciousness, which we now have an opportunity to walk into, there is no right or wrong. It just is what it is.

One of the most wonderful ways to imprison human beings: rules that make you right or wrong, keep you in shame or guilt. It’s a tool to repress humanity.

When it comes to the soul, there is no right or wrong. There’s just the expression.

The whole point of that experience was to show me I was still in right or wrong and not in soul expression. If I had been completely in soul, the incident wouldn’t have even happened.

So whenever this kind of thing happens and we fall into shame, we need to talk to that child part of ourselves and apologize to it for putting it at risk.

We need to not be the child, the parent or the adolescent, but the adult.

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