The Warrior Pillar

I was meditating a few weeks ago and an unusual image appeared in my living room at the beginning.  It was a horse and rider. They were both wearing protection, as though they were going into battle. I didn’t see them, but felt them standing right next to me. They were huge.

The man wore metal mail and the horse a long overcoat of some material but also a metal plating in the front.

Saint Germain told me that I somehow linked into one of the Pillars of the Universe. Huh? What’s that? The Warrior Pillar.  It seems there are 7 Pillars altogether and the Warrior is one of them.

He expanded on this by telling me the history of these pillars. The book and film, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, connect with the same idea of the warrior for consciousness. We are going into a new consciousness on Earth, so that’s why this suddenly appeared to me.

I was told years ago that I am a spiritual warrior, someone who helps to support the consciousness change.   So was Don Quixote. There’s always that sense of being in battle against opposing forces. And right now, it seems that all the forces are opposing, aren’t they? That’s just the polarity of 3rd dimension.

Well, being a spiritual warrior in the polarity of 3rd dimension is not easy. We’re trying to come into this new awareness in the midst of the duality that never resolves itself. 3rd dimension just goes round and round and round.

SG told me to take some trips to the akashic records and connect with my soul. So I did and my soul took me to the War Room. This is where all the strategies of battles and conflicts are organized. What was funny was that it is all digitized now.  Very modern, looked like a big stock exchange, with numbers running along and changing constantly on the wall near the ceiling.

This allows me to step into an advanced way of understanding how the strategy is to work through polarity as consciousness changes. And it is definitely a strategy.

Initially, when I went to the War Room, it was fairly small and had the feel of Great Britain to it. That’s because they are the ones who held the consciousness forever. The Templar Knights and the Brotherhoods were about spiritual support and awakening. They were always in battle, light and dark forces.

Although they were warriors in the physical and colonized a lot on Earth, that’s not really the point. There is a major vortex there that always supports consciousness in the 4th dimension. And it includes England, Scotland and Ireland.

There were people working at this level of consciousness long before anyone called it The Templar Knights. They did quite a bit of work before even religion came onto the Earth. Once religion was here, the orthodox part of every religion had a spiritual arm. And the Age of the Spiritual Arms became the Seven Pillars. Seven religions, seven tribes.

I’ve seen the War Room on 3 different levels, the first being the rather small, British-feeling one. The second was larger, with more people and charts, etc. The third was  huge, it went on and on and on. I sat in a chair up in the air watching all the activity, all the strategizing. Then I heard huge footsteps above me and saw myself as a caveman hiding underground, frightened of the dinosaurs. I knew then that their time was limited and heard the change and their terror as they died.

Then all was peaceful and I knew they would not return.

I gotta tell you, going to the akashic records is a lot of fun. Each time I go, I get some great info, like the end of the dinosaurs. You need to get on a flying carpet, must go through the air, then you come to a big library with tons of steps to climb up. Your soul is waiting at the top.

So go there yourself and ask your soul some questions. See what happens.

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