There Is Plenty of Abundance On Earth

I read an interesting email this week that was talking about how humanity has to be careful to not sink back into lack mentality. You know,  “there’s not enough money on earth for everyone to live a comfortable life.”  Years ago, I think it was Buckminster Fuller who figured out how much actual money was on earth.  Not just resources and property, but actual money. He said there was enough money for every human being already on earth to have 32 million dollars.

So there isn’t a lack of wealth, there’s plenty to go around. It’s just that the systems in place have controlled the distribution and sharing of the wealth. This is what Saint Germain says is changing now with the whole economic system crisis. We are going to a much more equitable system. Don’t ask me what that is, though, as I don’t understand finance at all.

So every day, in order to not get sucked into the poverty mentality that’s in the mass consciousness, I meditate on all the abundance of the universe being in my life.  Whatever I need is there when I need or want it.

So what we’re going through is a death of the old system, which was never fair to everyone anyway.  This is more than an economic issue.  It’s a freedom issue. It’s a whole consciousness change.

In our ascension process from the 3rd to 4th dimension, we have to let go of the rules and beliefs of the 3rd.  And one of those beliefs is that there’s not enough to go around for everyone. Simply not true.  It’s just being reorganized.

In the 4th dimension, we are in our eternal soul. There is no lack, no fear, no us against them. We have everything we need when we want it. Nice, huh?

To learn more about this consciousness, please read Karen Bishop’s website, Emerging Earth Angels. She has some wonderful books on this whole process. And she has helped to keep me sane.

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