To Be Human is to be Wounded

Years ago, I studied astrology with a brilliant teacher. She said a fascinating thing during one class.

In talking about our coming to earth, she said we leave a wonderful and complete experience of wholeness and come into these bodies to experience separation. The first thing we feel when we are born into this separation is fear. And the second thing we feel is anger. And all fear and anger throughout our lives are about that separation and nothing else.

We no longer are in the experience of completeness and wholeness. And there’s a reason we do this! But this separation causes us to have wounds.

Saint Germain talks about our human wounds: abandonment, betrayal, needing to never be wrong, not ever being seen for who we are. There are many wounds and all humans have all of them. But each one of us at some point chooses a primary or core wound.

SG: “The soul is an extraordinarily wonderful, intelligent, connected part of universal intelligence. All of you, before you descend into the personality structure of the soul, are probably ascended masters. At a soul level.  That’s just one of the characters that you are. But as your soul, when you come into 3rd dimensional human consciousness, you have to be a personality, not an ascended master.”

From a deeper place within us, but not from an ego place, we know we matter. We know we’re God, we know we’re of God, we know we’re of universal consciousness. We know we are intelligence itself manifest. When we were not in this 3rd dimensional form, at a soul level, we were so much more a representation of the intelligence of the universe itself.

SG: “Here you come into this 3rd dimensional human consciousness that requires you to be something other than what you normally are. You’re representing a part of your soul that you normally don’t express. Why? Because you can only express the personality when you’re in 3rd dimension. It’s the only time the soul has the opportunity to express itself through a personality. Otherwise, it expresses through other levels of expression that are more united with the wisdom and intelligence that you are.”

See Me

So is it any wonder that some of us felt like we were never seen? Never known or understood? Here we are growing up and nobody recognizes us. Because we don’t recognize or understand who we are. We look out into the world for others to say: I see you, I know you, you are more than this human being who is struggling to wake up in the morning, feed yourself, learn to speak English, learn to read and write and be OK with your peers. I see you as more, I know you as more, I recognize you as more than that. But right now during this small passage of time and space, you have to squeeze into that little costume called personality and I have to somehow figure out who you are and recognize and support you from there. But I don’t know how to do that because I don’t know how your ego and personality will unfold. Big, small, large, whatever.

SG: “So the rules of recognition of the growing personality are a whole lot different than already knowing you are this brilliant master before you came here. When you look at it from the soul’s perspective, soul can represent itself as a master, ascended, having been through 3rd dimensional experiences before, having karma or not having karma.

The soul is just moving through the experience of an individual personality until it’s completed that experience. Once that’s finished, then it no longer knows the 3rd dimensional human personality as its primary focus and goes to another place. It’ll explore whatever a 4th dimensional experience is. Then a 5th dimensional experience. It does human consciousness, then soul consciousness, then cosmic consciousness.

Separation causes the wounds. You’re going to have them no matter what. Separation from that higher self that you truly are will set forth a primary wound, but of course you get them all. You cannot get away with no wound, it’s one of the marks you were born with.

Your soul came into this experience by choice, setting off to pioneer something, like going to the moon, knowing there are liabilities, difficulties and death. It set off for the experience of itself in 3rd dimensional human consciousness as a personality, and you do with it what you do. It is what it is.

But when this personality dies, any wounding just goes right with it. As soon as you’re no longer in the separate state you had to enter,  there’s no reason to have any of those wounds.

It Just Is

When you run into something that is part of 3rd dimensional human reality, you don’t fix that. You acknowledge it, accept it, see it, understand your participation in it, but it’s not personal. You’re discovering the wounds and I use that word specifically. A wound is something that hurts, it’s damage, it shifts behavior, causes adaptation.

By embracing and acknowledging your awareness of a wound, there’s nothing to fix. It actually unravels all by itself. All the behaviors that go with it, the adaptations, all come out of the unconscious to the conscious. It can release huge places where you’ve been self-judgmental. You don’t have to judge yourself anymore, as it loses its hold on an energy structure of a series of behaviors of protection. And those are all ego-based, not soul or essence-based.

As you participate in human consciousness, of course you run into things that cause adaptation and lessen your access to all that you are. And the more you get into it, the more you reduce your access to your whole being. Because you have to move into separateness. But the end of the cycle is moving out of the separateness back into uniting into all that you are.

As far as the soul is concerned, it’s temporary, because there is no time. But in 3rd dimensional human, it’s an experience, an experiment, an exploration, an expansion of the universal intelligence’s awareness of itself through the use of a soul.”



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