We Can’t Do This Alone

We are going from an independent, individual 3rd dimensional system to a community-based, we-all-work-together-yet-provide-our-own-special-expertise 4th dimensional one. Coming from an independent family, where I was taught that I could do it all myself, this was hard for me to digest.

But once I started on my healing path (healing me and nobody else), I recognized the importance of support.  I sought out and found the healing practitioners that were right for me and became much more a part of a healing community.  Some of these people were short-term in my life, they were perfect for what I needed at the time, but then it was time for us both to move on. There are others with whom I interact to this day.  They have become good friends.

How did I know with whom to stay?  What told me one healing or healer was enough and it was time for me to go on to the next? Usually it was a gut feeling, something hard to pin down or describe. But I knew there was truth to it.  My intuition.

I once heard a great description of intuition: “Intuition is God talking to us between our thoughts.” And if we could just shut up that mind a bit more, we could get even more information.

People who trust their intuition but cannot explain it logically are frequently dismissed or ridiculed. This happened to me. But thanks to my healers and my own soul, I got to the point where I trusted my intuition even more than the logic of my mind.

So if you are starting your healing process, please don’t shut yourself off and try to do it alone. Support is essential. And listen to your hunches, your inner voice.  It’s the voice of your soul.

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