We Can’t Fix What Is.

Recently Saint Germain said something that confused me. He said we can’t fix what is. I asked him whether that meant we were not supposed to help people, send them love and light if they’re in trouble.

I had seen a post on Facebook where someone was in the hospital and needed prayers, love and light to help her heal. I asked SG whether that was the same thing as ‘fixing.’

SG: “Love, compassion, contribution and interaction, those are all part of being a sensitive, sensual human being. Yes, of course participate in that. But don’t be surprised how many times in your participation that you realize you can’t change it. It’s not designed to be changed, it’s to stay exactly the way it is. Separation is separation and 3rd dimension creates that for a reason.”

Heidi: “So going through that recognition and saying, oh, I can’t change this, I can’t fix it, is part of our journey to enlightenment?”

SG: “Correct. It’s what we call recognizing ‘what is.’ Every ‘aha’ about recognizing what is human consciousness sets you free.”

So instead of us accepting things that belong to human consciousness, we keep trying to fix them. But we can’t fix something that is a fundamental human consciousness piece.

SG: “When you bump into straight human consciousness kinds of things and start to get aware that that’s just what people do, that’s how it happens, that’s how it’s set up, well, you can’t fix that. It’s not something where you say, oh, I’m going to come back in another life to repair the meanness, the evil, the horror of 3rd dimension. It’s just what it is. You can’t fix karma. It would be nice if there were no karma, but it is what it is.

“An example would be a husband abusing his wife. This happens in human consciousness, doesn’t it? It’s a part of what humans do and you can’t fix it. You can help her by sending her love and light. You can participate. But you’re not going to fix something that is part of being 3-D human. 

“You can’t try to hold back life in order for something to happen that isn’t going to happen even though you want it to. Someone can say,  I want my brother to stop being a drug-addict. But as much as you hope it, as much as you try or work at it, it’s not going to happen. It’s his choice and until he chooses otherwise, you may participate but you cannot fix.”

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