We No Longer Have To Age

If you’ve read my website, you’ve seen that I occasionally get readings from a woman who channels Saint Germain. SG is the ascended master who supposedly is overseeing the whole Aquarian Age we are coming into. He does much more, of course, and Saint Germain experts can tell you what those things are.  I am by no means an expert on him, he just tells me tons of interesting stuff.

One of those is that our bodies are changing and we will get to a place where we simply don’t age.  We are in a huge evolutionary time, we are ascending into the 4th dimension, which is the dimension of the soul. The rules of the 4th dimension are different from the 3rd. There is no polarity, no fighting, no-us-against-them, no aging and no dying. How long would you like to stay here in a healthy body that never ages and never dies?

We are going into Co-Creation, which you will be hearing a lot more of. Barbara Marx Hubbard, Andrew Cohen and other visionaries have been talking about it.  We are coming into a place of No Victim, No Blaming, No Self-Hatred and total personal empowerment, recognizing that we are (and have always been) co-creators of this experience. We are not at the mercy of some unseen force. We are the unseen force.

Having done past-life work, I believe in reincarnation.  But I realized some time ago that it bored me. Birth, life, death, another birth, another life, another death. Been there, done that. So when SG started talking about becoming eternal in form, I was excited. Ooohhh, something different!

Here’s what he says is happening: we all have a form underneath these bodies of ours.  We always have had this form, in whatever life we’ve been in. Holograms, which are 4th dimensional, are coming in one by one to support the various organs in this form. I have a hologram which is in the process of forming to support my heart. Once that’s done, another hologram will come in to support another of my organs, and so forth.

After all organs in my body have a hologram supporting them, the form I will be in will be a series of holograms. And as holograms are 4th dimensional, they don’t follow any rules of the 3rd dimension. So: no aging, no dying, etc.  We will be eternal in form.  Our old 3rd dimensional bodies will fall off but it’s all energetic. It won’t crack and fall on the ground. Saint Germain says we’ll wake up one day and just see ourselves differently.  We can also youthen if we like.

I realize that this kind of information is considered by many to be ‘out there.’ It takes a bit of digesting, I know. But don’t dismiss it out of hand. Our own souls are engineering this whole shift and the more we just let it happen and not allow the mind to interfere, the more fun the process.  I personally am looking forward to be 31 again!

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