What Did I Just Mean To Do?

Ascended Master Saint Germain says that there are 8 brain chemistries that are shifting in us humans. I’m sure one of these must have to do with short-term memory loss.  It’s really quite funny at times and despite the frustration, I try to just laugh. I walk from the bedroom into the kitchen and along the way, my reason for being in the kitchen goes on hiatus. I stand there looking around  hoping something will jar my mind into remembering.  Usually, nothing does.

Several weeks ago the 92-year-old mother of a good friend of ours passed away and another friend and I were in charge of getting the food from the deli and bringing it to the condo where we were to sit shiva with the family.  No problem, we said.  Piece of cake. But somewhere along the way, my friend mixed up 2 streets, thinking she was on the deli’s street. I had the key to the condo so was there waiting for people to arrive and calmly directing my friend to the correct street over our cell phones.  Except I was directing her the wrong way.

Now this is where I live, so I know these streets.  I know their names. But I still forgot which was which! “No, no, you must turn right, not left, that will get you here.” Wrong. Left would get her there. As luck would have it, many people brought food along, so there was no problem with anyone going hungry.  We sorted it out and all was fine.

I told a friend at the shiva of our brains going on into the Bermuda Triangle and she did us one better.  She said her husband had come home from work that day, walked into the house and asked her what she had been cooking.  She said, “I haven’t cooked anything today.”  He walked into the kitchen and found a cake she had baked that day, something for the shiva.  She had forgotten.

So don’t despair if you are having these occurrences.  Just part of our ascension into the 4th dimension.  Put an angel on the roof of your car, make sure you are grounded into the earth, and ask your soul to drive you where you need to go. Because your brain took a hike.

I would love to hear anyone else’s brain challenges, if you’re willing to share them. We’ve all got them.  I could even give a prize to the best one.  Unless I forget.

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