What Is Your Soul?

I have known Maxine Jones for close to 16 years.  She has been one of my main guides and coaches and has helped me through many confusing and difficult times. Last night I listened to her simply fabulous telepresentation on how to connect with our souls. It’s so easy.  When you’re having agitation, confusion, anxiety, you can easily connect to your soul and calm down by doing the following:

1.  Place your hand over your heart and think of someone or something you love. This opens the heart.

2.  Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth a number of times. This brings you present in your body.

3.  Say: “Soul, lead the way.”

I did this several times today when I felt myself slipping into negative thoughts and feelings. Imediately my attitude improved and I felt balanced and even adventurous.  Works every time.

Maxine is an expert on Soul. She is offering these phone calls free of charge every Tuesday evening at 8PM EST during the month of January, 2008. Thereafter, every third Tuesday of the month.  Here’s the number: 712-432-3000 and the access code is 356757.

Maxine is also doing free 15-minute meditations every Thursday morning at 8AM EST. Same phone number, same access code. These meditations are every week.

If you want to learn more about Maxine or her presentations, check out her site:http://www.maxinejonesandassociates.com.

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