What’s Up With The Brain?

This is the first in a series of blogs I’ll be writing about all the brain chemistry issues going on with us right now. Hope these help you cope a bit.


Loony Tunes

About a month ago, I had an incredibly bizarre day. I woke up deeply sad, angry, anxious, somewhat paranoid and wanting to jump out of my skin.

And I had an important appointment to videotape a client for her website.

How on earth could I do that when I was in such a state? The very last thing I wanted to do was drive an hour away and do this project.

The irony is, the day before I was fine and looking forward to it, as I love videotaping.

But out I drove, wondering why I felt like driving off the side of the road, when I’ve never felt suicidal and am really a very safe driver.

It’s Hormones, Silly

Saint Germain told me what was going on. We are evolving in our human bodies, transitioning from one hormone structure to another.

The hypothalamus are the reproductive organs. The pituitary are the evolution hormones. And they are very different. We are creating a bridge from one to the other.

Reproductive organs go with survival. Pituitary goes with the change of the consciousness.

When we have both of those going on at the same time, as I did last month, we can think we’re going insane.

So if we’re deeply anxious, overwhelmingly sad, depressed, angry, paranoid and suicidal? That’s both hypothalamus and pituitary firing at the same time! That was my day that Sunday.

What To Do?

I’m not the sort to run out and start taking anti-depressants, anti-suicidals, anti-paranoidals, etc.

But I still need to somehow manage this. Plus, SG said this can go on with me for years.

His suggestion was to take hypothalamus and pituitary support, either in tablets or drops.

I searched online and found them both in drops at Nutritional Data, Inc. in CA. They worked.

He also said I need to have caffeine every day, especially in the morning. That’s important, because caffeine blocks the receptors of the brain chemistry. It brings the serotonin up above the line.

If I have caffeine in the form of chocolate, I need to make sure I have caffeine in another form like tea within 30 minutes, otherwise my sugar falls and I’m below the line. The sugar down is hypothalamus and that takes us below the line.

What’s this Line?

So, how to support the pituitary change without using an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, anti-suicidal, or anti-paranoidal? Those get rid of it completely by suppressing it.

We don’t want to get rid of it, we want it to stay above the line.

When we are above the line and all our brain chemistry is working properly, we can access higher aspects of Self. When we’re below the line, we access lower levels.

When we feel really good for no reason, that’s generally the pituitary above the line.


This is the big issue: it’s non-gender. Men are going through this as well as women. A man’s hypothalamus is testosterone. And it’s going crazy at the same time his  pituitary is adjusting.

It’s a non-gender roller coaster right now, from that fundamental, primal, survival hormone structure to the other part of the brain, the pituitary.


Another symptom of this consciousness shift that’s occurring in our bodies is the epidemic that’s sinus infections. I’ve had this off and on for months!

Well, hormones interrupt the water content of the body, which brings inflammation. It’s all part of the basic evolution that’s going on on the planet.

One thing I’ve used successfully for inflammation is the Y-Age Aeon patch from LifeWave. You can get it here.

Questions: Email me at heid@heidiwalter.com.


Up next: Education separated the haves from the have-nots. This is no longer true in our evolution.





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  1. Hi Heidi, I loved your info on brain health and more. I was spurred to email you in light of what I discovered about brain health and recently there wad a PBS Health Journal Report on Laminine.. see link below. Also I have used Lifewave for years.. Amazing and market low heat cold pressed chocolate. Love Nature Sunshine too and have used them since 27 years. We have much in common.. Firstly here is link for PBS Health Journal Report..
    and for healthy chocolate, http://www.ultrahealthychocolates.com. Would be great to talk. connect.. You are some kind of wonderful. In Health and Chocolate Bliss, david aka Sunwolf

    Sunwolf | Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

  2. How great to connect with like-minded souls! Thanks for all these great links. I shall certainly check them out. Yes, we are evolving and how to stay healthy while in that. The evolution is going to happen anyway and we all just have to get on board.

    Best, Heidi

    Heidi | Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

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