When Money Became God

I’ve mentioned many times that we are in a huge time of evolution. Well, one of the issues we are evolving through is the issue of money.

Money right now is the primary control in our lives, isn’t it? For human beings in human consciousness, the power, the cause and effect, what we’re beholden to and what our survival depends on is money, right?

When I was growing up, it was all about God. Heaven and Hell used to be the priority for all behavior. “If I just suffer now, I’ll be rewarded in the future and the future is Heaven. I’ll be free.”

Now what is it? “If I just suffer now, I’ll be rewarded in the future when I have a million dollars. I’ll win the lottery and be set free.”


So consequently, because money has become the be-all and end-all for failure or success, for everything that triggers action and emotion in the world, some people work 24/7 and it’s still not enough. Some steal and it’s still not enough. Some work just as hard trying to figure out how to scam people, as to get money legally.

Because it’s all about money, it doesn’t really matter how you get there. It’s all polarity, positive and negative.

You say, “But I was good, I followed all the rules. Why is this happening to me?” Because there really are no rules. They change every month depending on whatever is politically correct or on who you happen to know.

People are having a lot of difficulty around the whole money issue because there is no moral structure to it. The God structure did have a moral structure to it, a self-responsibility, self- redeeming piece. But when success or failure is based only on money, which has no redeeming piece whatsoever, socially or otherwise, it becomes a bit of chaos.

The Boomers Did It!

Why on earth did we shift from God to money as the power source, and when? Yup, you’re right, it was my generation, the Boomers.

Remember how self-righteous we were in the 60s about money? Money was evil, it was a trap, it was non-spiritual. Well, because everything is duality and polarity and what we most abhor comes back in our face, the ones who were most against it were the ones who got into it.

But there was a reason for this. We had to shift out of God into money in order to eventually shift into Universal Intelligence or soul consciousness. As money loses its power, we will naturally shift into what really has power and guess what? Everyone on earth will have access to it!

Yet money will continue to be a rampant process for a while longer, because every nation in the world has to have the opportunity to make money their God. There are huge populations that haven’t even begun to do that.

Those Guys Had a Sense of Humor

Money was the God for the United States the minute we were created as a nation. Putting “In God We Trust” on our money was a fabulous joke by our forefathers.

One of the signs of the shifting consciousness we’re in now is this money issue. And it was known 200+ years ago! Ultimately we had to stop doing this, first with God, then with a physical thing, money, and then it will move into Intelligence itself.

There will always be money, but it won’t be the God. It will lose its power.

Can you see how clever this is on the part of Creation (which of course is us)?

Real Freedom

If the population in general has access to power, then it’s no longer power, is it? If all nations have access to money as their God, full access, then money loses all its power.

In our shift of power from an external manipulation called God to something far more tangible, which is money, we finally had something to vilify! It was highly inappropriate to talk about God in a derogatory manner. But we can vilify money all day long.

If power is in money and we can vilify money, then it’s easy for power to shift into something else. And that will be greater than money. That will be freedom.

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