Who is Saint Germain Anyway?

OK, so I’ve been talking to an ascended master for almost 20 years now and I just assume it’s really an ascended master because he knows everything about me! It was a bit disconcerting at first, as we all like to have secrets. But as he helped me so much, I soon got over that.

But I needed to find out who he is. So………..research on the internet!

It seems he lived a long time, was le conte de Saint Germain and an alchemist, could turn pebbles into precious metals with which he loved to adorn himself.  He was around a long time and yet never looked more than 40 (Voltaire called him ‘the man who doesn’t age’).  He could possibly have lived hundreds of years. It seems he drank an elixir that caused the not-aging.

Some years ago in a reading he was telling me the difference between him and Merlin.  “I was born, I did have a mommy, I had karma with Thomas Jefferson, I did die.”  So…he became an ascended master after he left his body.  On the other hand, what do we know of Merlin? Was he ever born?  Did he die? We don’t know, because, as SG said,  Merlin is ‘eternal in form.’

A few years ago we were all going through a phase that SG also had experienced while still in his body. He said he raged for 5 years and destroyed everything he had ever created. All those gems! I told his channel Maxine after the reading that I knew why he did that: he had discovered on his own spiritual journey that none of it had any value!

Saint Germain supposedly is the architect of the Aquarian Age we are coming into. I have heard that he is the lord of the 7th Ray, at least I think it’s the 7th.

The I Am Foundation is located in the Loop in downtown Chicago. This was created around the 1930’s and a few years ago a friend and I made a trek there. We were not allowed into the inner sanctum but hung out in the library for a time and bought some books, The I Am Discourses, which I recommend if you are at all spiritually-inclined. Published by The Saint Germain Press in Schaumburg, IL.

If SG fascinates you, there are many websites devoted to him.  All sorts of info, who knows if it’s all true. But interesting, nonetheless. You can even see some drawings of what he looked (looks) like.

If he’s the architect of the New Age we’re entering, you may want to learn more about him.

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