Your Short-Term Memory is Supposed to be Bad

I was talking to Saint Germain this week and he asked me about something I had done 2 days earlier. And I couldn’t remember! Did I do that? Did I not? Nope, it was gone from my head.

So he went off on why human beings right now are wondering where their memory is going. Well, a lot of it is going into overwhelm and processing.

In this consciousness shift we are in, there are so many things we are processing on so many levels that the linear, straight-forward, cause & effect, short-term memory gets pushed in the background. It’s just not a priority.

First comes Survival

Short-term memory right now is 3rd in line in terms of processing, behind survival and evolution. Survival is always first and memory used to be 2nd. But there is a huge evolutionary shift going on and that has edged out memory.

Short-term memory is a particular function that requires order, focus and energy and it just happens to be 3rd on the list. In some cases, people have pushed it back to 4th, after survival, evolution and escape.

Escape is often thrown into the processing of spirit, what people call spirituality, all the journeying and pursuit of energy and spirit. Those things that go inside and outside of time and space. If you can space out or be off in space somewhere, short-term memory is of very little use!

People are now realizing that they can basically live without short-term memory. When the change that is evolution comes more into place and you can’t hold it back anymore, evolution is then here on a constant basis.

What people start to do is turn on a different part of themselves. They release any need for short-term memory to be upfront so it becomes a lot more automatic. “I need my shoes! Oh-here they are.”

We’ll unconsciously do what we used to have to use short-term memory to do. Our short-term memory will be replaced by unconscious action. An example of that would be: you need to call someone but forgot their name, you start fiddling with a piece of paper and underneath it is the person’s business card.

Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity

Unconscious action is very available to all human beings. It used to be called magic or miracles, because that was the only way to explain it. Synchronicity. But it’s really unconscious action, it’s allowing your inner radar to function.

Computers will advance hugely within the next five years, taking over the logical, reasoning part of thinking so we can be free.  I can’t wait. And as someone who has been laughed at her whole life for being a spacey Pisces, I am delighted that everyone else finally gets to experience how that feels!

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